KROM Viking - Zebra Kin
KROM Viking - Zebra Kin

KROM Viking - Zebra Kin

The Viking Series is a new addition to the KROM family.
This series has been under development for more than 18 month and finally in the spring of 2014 we were ready to present a new size of kendama to the world.
An original competition kendama was developed to fit the hands of a Japanese player. Today we see more and more players in Europe, the US and other places in the world where the average player is a little bigger than the Japanese.
The Vikings fits perfectly in the hand of most players, the added size makes it ideal for performances where you want to play a normal-feeling kendama but need that little extra size for consistency and so that the people in the back can see.

Wood: Mahogany - Rubberwood - Walnut & maple
Size: 21 cm