KROM All Maple - Rosadama
KROM All Maple - Rosadama

KROM All Maple - Rosadama


A kendama about a bro' and his sister and their love for a cat.

Rosadama has been made from a part of the art project Ragnhild May, Thorkilds sister made a about her cat Rosa.

This kendama is super honed and has been optimized by the KROM Pro team to fit all styles of play.

The Kendama

- Slip-safe rubber top allowing awesome trick
- Sticky enough for boarder balance while slick enough for lighthouse
- BIgger hole for endless spikes
- KROM Scope Line, so you can always track the hole
- Extra string, stringing tool and sticker
- Unique design on every single kendama
- Collaboration by Thorkild & Ragnhild May

The story

"I used to live with my baby brother Thorkild in an allotment hut outside the city next to a big Star Ship Enterprise looking water tower. One day our neighbor asked if we wanted one of Sally’s kittens, because they couldn’t find a home for the last one. We called her Rosa. For a while I couldn’t focus on doing art or take my bike and go to the art academy. So we build a massive green screen in the living room to film Rosa using props from the garden. Rosa’s dad is called Kajser. I edited all the footage using a lot of high tech computer graphics to make the art film “rosarumrejse” - (Danish for “rosaspacetrip”)." -Ragnhild May

Check the Rosadama video

Wanna see more of Rosa - Watch the original art project by Ragnhild May