KROM All Maple - Naked Pelle
KROM All Maple - Naked Pelle

KROM All Maple - Naked Pelle

We've been in the creative corner and come up with two exciting new designs.

With the Party Pelle (White) and the Naked Pelle (Natural) almost anything is possible.
The kendamas have been optimized in all areas and is a part of our newly upgraded KROM collection.

In order to make the Naked Pelle, we had to invent a unique paint technique. If you look closely at the ball, you will see that what you see beneath the pattern is not a primer but the natural wood grain with a rubber coat. 

The Kendamas
Slip-safe rubber top allowing awesome trick
- Full maple kendama for optimized feel and durability
- Sticky enough for boarder balance while slick enough for lighthouse
- BIgger hole for endless spikes
- KROM Scope Line, so you can always track the hole
- Extra string, stringing tool and sticker
- Unique design on every single kendama
- Designed by 2014 world champ Thorkild May 

The story
"This kendama is desgined as a homage to my good old friend Pelle Hjek, whom I haven't seen in a long time. He has taught me almost everything i know about digital painting and deserves som credit" - Thorkild May

Check out the video for the Pelle's.