KROM Deluxe - Walnut Pink
KROM Deluxe - Walnut Pink

KROM Deluxe - Walnut Pink

The KROM Deluxe walnut & rubberwood series consists of a few of the most breathtaking colour combos. They are of course all crafted from the highest grade of premium hardwoods for super performance and durability. The heavier corewood walnut matches the rubberwood extremely well and the two perform together like a match made in heaven. The new hand-sanding and oil treatment techniques gives these kendamas a really great feel and makes sure that even if you are not the best player in the world, this kendama is still going to get all the attention in the room.
  • String hole in ken: optimised pull-up for cleaner rotation 
  • String hole in tama: perfect for the trick ''border balance''
  • Flatter cups: better interface
  • Wider rims on cups: greater durability
  • Optimised weight distribution: great for balance tricks
  • Durable paint: last longer
Wood: Walnut & Rubberwood
Size: 18 cm (regular)