KROM Deluxe - Zebra Kin
KROM Deluxe - Zebra Kin

KROM Deluxe - Zebra Kin

The new and improved Zebra has arrived.

With the V3 Ken and highest grade of Walnut and Maple this on is the best yet.

The two hardwoods, walnut and maple, play together super well with a similar woodstructure and density. Together they form this beast of a kendama that has a really great sound and an amazing look. 
The multisplit tama is great for tracking the hole when it is flying full speed through the air.
  • String hole in ken: optimised pull-up for cleaner rotation 
  • String hole in tama: perfect for the trick ''border balance''
  • Flatter cups: better interface
  • Wider rims on cups: greater durability
  • Optimised weight distribution: great for balance tricks
  • Durable paint: last longer
Wood: Walnut & Maple
Size: 18 cm (Regular)