What does ken, tama, bevel size and base cup warp hole mean? Don't worry, we'll explain it to you in detail right here:


Ken means: "sword" in Japanese and is the handle on a kendama. The ken consists of 3 cups as well as a spike. Big cup, small cup, base cup and a spike. At KROM Kendama we do offer different shapes of the ken trying to progress with the evolution of kendama. We love to experiment as well as upgrade the traditional and classic way of designing a kendama.


Tama means "ball" in Japanese and is the ball on a kendama.

We do different types of paint // clear coatings on our tamas allowing especially balance-tricks to be a bit easier. Atm we have 2 types of coatings: KROM LOL Clear which is super sticky and KROM RUBBER which is less sticky but more soft of feel.

Bevel size:

The bevel is the hole in the tame (ball). To proffesionel kendama players the bevel size can mean a lot due to personal preferences. The bigger the bevel - the more spikes.

Base cup Warp hole:

Under the base cup (bottom cup of the ken) we sometimes do what we call a: "base cup warp hole". When making a hole in the base cup you also remove a bit of the weight in the cup. It makes the kendama more well balanced especially for specific tricks like lunars and turntables.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact and we'll be happy to help answer your questions.