Rolf - PRO

Rolf - PRO


Rolf S. Ganer

1995, based out of Copenhagen, been playing since the summer of 2012.


I enjoy a flow to my game, and strive to push from one position to the next somewhat instantaneously. I try to implement a lot of grip switches, often in the form of juggles (my favorite trick), as I feel like it adds both flow and watchability to the game. However, I try to not let ideas like these restrict me when playing, and focus on playing the way I feel is the most enjoyable in that specific moment.

Got in to dama

My friend Kasper brought a kendama to class one day, I wasn’t about it initially, but after witnessing how much fun me and my camp mates had with a borrowed kendama at a music festival I had to get one. I bought one after returning home and I’ve been hooked since. 



Favorite kendama

The #bolfmod (obviously).