Tama Tracking

Tama tracking is a specific design choice of color or style giving an easily recognizable look to a given part of the tama. This is made in order for the user to be able to “track” the tama while in motion.

Furthermore, we often use a couple of descriptors to identify specific styles of tracking based on their position on the tama. In theory having two of the three options listed below gives the ability to track the hole regardless of the angle from which one could look at a tama, but a large number of our products feature all three.

A bottom scope is located around the hole of the tama and will be the main way to locate the hole of a tama in motion. The most simple form of this is having the lower 30% of a tama covered in a singular color.

Centered tracking is located on the middle of the tama and often connects to itself horizontally around a tama, as to give the ability to locate the “equator” of the tama as easily as possible from all angles. The most simple form of this is having a stripe placed centered on tama going all the way around the tama horizontally.

A top scope is located at the very top of the tama at the hole where the string exists the tama, the string hole for short. This is added to be able to spot the string hole while the tama is in motion, of course with an end game in mind of leveraging the information that the hole is located directly opposite of the top scope to land a spike or stall point. The most simple form of this is a small mono colored dot surrounding the string hole.